We exist to make professionals look good, every time.

With a team comprising ex-installers and integrators, we started Kordz to change the game for systems technicians.

Our robust, installation-focussed connectivity products are designed, engineered and constructed to allow our industry partners to focus on the big picture, not the little hurdles. This means we create predictably reliable products that are so trusted to perform that you forget they’re there. In some cases, end users have our products in their home or work installations and never know Kordz is making their connectivity happen.

Our Why

Kordz was formed from a need for functional connectivity products, purpose made for professional AV installations. There were – and still are – products that are cost-focussed, yet not functionally effective. There are costly products that overstep function into aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics. We were founded in 2003 to make professional products for professionals with a focus on the development of innovative user-led products.

We make professional-grade products that are tough, easier to install and do what they say.

That’s why today, Kordz is one of the fastest growing AV connectivity product providers globally. We’re the most popular provider in Australia and our products have connected many groundbreaking installations around the world. We’ve won multiple CEDIA awards for supplying products on an array of award-winning projects, allowing our partners to showcase their latest groundbreaking products and technology.

For systems technicians, we help build a trusted relationship with installation and integration clients through professional reliability. We make trusted products that let our industry partners promise connectivity always, with confidence when they deliver a job that it’s done. We’re proud to be helping our partners and their customers worldwide to transform the way they integrate AV. And with the boom of new communications and advanced technologies evolving daily, we’re just getting started.

Installers, integrators and systems technicians make the world go around – in what is becoming the heart of the global communication and entertainment economy. We want millions of businesses, big and small, to thrive and push the limits of their imagination through better products, fresh industry information and assured connectivity to one another. Like all great challenges, we can’t do it by ourselves: we work closely with our partners, and we listen to our end users to push innovation forward. Once professionals try Kordz products, it’s hard to go back, turning Kordz into a preferred connectivity provider for the world.

“Kordz cables are simply what great cables should be. Manufactured to ensure consistent outstanding performance, and their design is sleek and elegant. You can tell by looking at them how every detail has been thought through to provide the best results and the most aesthetic and functional use. The end result is amazing clear crisp video and audio, just like it should be! Too many people ignore the value of a great cable after they’ve researched and spent a ton of money on the rest of the setup – don’t do that!”

Josh, Silicon Valley


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