Inavate+Mindstec: From strength to strength

Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks with Syed Abdul Wahab, CEO of Mindstec, about how the distributor survived and supported others through the storm of disruption and how it finds itself leading the recovery of the Indian AV market.

Business in the Indian AV sector has been tough for the past year. Disruption caused by Covid-19 and the regulations to safeguard against the pandemic have been trying for many.

Syed Abdul Wahab, CEO of Mindstec, details some of the challenges faced by the Indian AV industry: “The disruption started with the first lockdowns in India last year. Those had a great impact because for at least close to three months we could not do anything. We had orders, but restrictions meant we could not fulfil them. There were shipments coming in and lying in our warehouses not being delivered to dealers. There were shipments that were stuck in transit. And then there were dealers that were unable to take delivery of orders because their projects were delayed. We were blessed that we got support from manufacturers and suitable payment terms could be arranged to help us manage the crisis.”

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