Voice Evacuation System

The Dedicated Solution for Life Safety and Mass Notification, The GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series was designed by atlas’s team of dedicated engineers from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands for Mass Notification and Emergency Communications as set forth by the European fire and life safety agencies (EN 54-16). AtlasIED has long been a leading supporter of international standards for security equipment. The GLOBALCOM® 5400 Series is EN-54 certified for voice alarm systems. Originally introduced as a European standard for fire alarm systems, EN-54 has now been extended to cover voice evacuation to meet a growing trend in the market towards integration of fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.


The integrated announcement controller with built-in message server capability that is the core of an EN54-16 compliance life/safety emergency notification system. These units contain all of the intelligence to manage an entire system of emergency communication stations, digital zone manager amplifier units, and other network peripherals. This controller manages the system in compliance with the EN54-16 standard, performing overall supervision and reporting of equipment faults plus any ongoing alarm conditions.

Paging Stations

The digital communications station is a fully programmable touch screen user interface device for initiating audio/visual announcements with the 5400 Series Announcement Control Systems. Each model utilizes an electret condenser cartridge that is positioned in the housing such that its frequency response is enhanced. The microphone element location provides the mechanism for good acoustical coupling to provide a full-bodied, highly intelligible voice signal. This paging system comes with either a gooseneck microphone or a handheld microphone.

Network Amplifiers

The network amplifier is an integral part of the IED GLOBALCOM® Communications System, allowing a few audio zones to be added where necessary when a full 16-zone amplifier frame is not required. The amplifier features Audinate’s Dante™ digital audio input and four channels of 600 watt amplification. The amplifier is controlled with network commands for selecting input routing and configuring EQ, delay and output levels. Amplifiers may be controlled by a stand-alone GLOBALCOM® configuration utility or through the GLOBALCOM System Management Center.

Director Software

IED Director is a management application that provides a comprehensive application-specific interface to your IED GLOBALCOM® system. The software provides an easily accessible view of your overall system status and makes system operation very easy through an intuitive and fully customized graphical user interface. It provides a real time display of announcement activity and system status. Integrated display of system faults allows you to quickly isolate problems within the system. The graphical nature of the interface provide a wide range of user interactivity. The system can be viewed at a less detailed overview or drill down to display and interact with individual zones.

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