Nathan Van Zyl

Having a passion for Technology, Nathan studied IT A+ & N+ which assisted him in building a foundation which paved the way for his career in the coming years.

Nathan’s prime positions have been in both Sales and Consultation roles within the Technology sector. Starting off in Office Automation and Telecoms in 2003, he opened an Office Automation Franchise which he ran for 3 years. Through that experience, he found his passion for Interactive Communication Technologies and associated Digital Signage Solutions when he took the position at Vastratech (African Distributor for SMART Technologies). This role allowed him to create strategic partnerships within the industry.

Moving to a company called SORTIT he gained experience as a consultant on enterprise software applications. Although proving to be successful, the sales cycles involved were too lengthy and he missed the fast paced sales that he had left behind so he decided to return to the fast moving pace of AV solutions and moving into channel roles allowed him to work closer with partners, together with their end users, in putting solutions together.

He was offered the opportunity to join Mindstec Distribution as Channel Manager, with key roles – to introduce Mindstec Distribution and its product portfolio to new potential partner networks.
He is excited to be part of a new South African venture with the Mindstec Distribution SA team, who all have a rivalling passion for taking Mindstec Africa to the top.