Holographic Projection

A 3D holographic display packed with features to bring your client’s products to life. Enveloping your client’s physical product in a magical 3D holographic story of your imagination helps them to connect emotionally with their audience, and differentiate their brand message. Encased in a portable, reliable Plug & Play display case is the key to building a scalable and successful campaign. LightControl is just one of the unique features used in the Dreamoc 3D Holographic display to bring your story to life. Take a look for yourself, and sign up for our regular newsletter with case studies and details of how our featured partners delight their clients globally.

Dreamoc HD3

Ideal for use at scale in stores, malls and crowded exhibition halls, the Dreamoc HD3 is a 3 sided holographic display case that is robust, transportable and thanks to “Plug and Play” can be set up by anyone, anywhere. The proof of measurable increase in sales performance and accelerated Return on Investment (ROI) at the Point of Sale (POS) can be seen in our case studies.
Significant high performance increases come when 3D holograms are combined with the physical product inside the Dreamoc HD3, turning inanimate products into magical stories.

Dreamoc XL3

The Dreamoc XL3 is a large mixed reality display which makes it an ideal solution for bigger spaces such as retail focal points, hotel lobbies or office reception areas. It is perfect for larger areas where you want to make a big impression on passers-by and have them stop and pay attention to your brand and product.
It is also a great solution for bigger events like fairs and trade shows, and because of its three visible sides it allows a rather large audience to get a look at the magic inside.
The sheer presence of the Dreamoc XL2 – Realfiction’s 3D Holographic Display in store or on display at a show will captivate your audiences, keeping them glued to your promotion.Interactivity between view and the experience inside the Dreamoc ensures a connection between the product and the audience.

Dreamoc POP3

The Dreamoc POP3 is a price effective holographic display which uses the proven technology from the well-known Dreamoc series. The Dreamoc POP offers you the possibility for promoting your product in 3D in crowded retail areas
The unit is produced in aluminum and can be customized with branding on the outside.
These small holographic displays are especially developed for large volume installations. They can be used as spectacular glorifies, never seen before. These units will make your product come alive in any retail shopping area.

Dreamoc XXL3

The Dreamoc XXL3 is a 4 sided holographic display, which lets you combine a physical product with 3D holographic con-tent. The chamber can be seen from all 4 sides and is designed for open floor placement.

Dreamoc Diamond

Derived from the aesthetic shape of a diamond, this new type of holographic display elegantly glorifies your product in the most visually impressive way. With 4-sided visibility, the Dreamoc Diamond is one of our largest mixed reality displays ever built, specifically designed for events and brand activations in shopping malls, trade fairs and other high-traffic locations.