Wireless Collaboration

Our solutions, in particular the Collab8, are geared for enterprises to enable teams to collaborate easily, quickly and intuitively – such as the ability to work on a common document, highlight parts of a presentation, add notes, even control displays to show individual ideas and collaborated work, and present on multiple displays at the same time.


Wirelessly present any content and collaborate from any device – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and more – to a display screen.
Multiple displays allow viewing different content simultaneously on different displays
Teams can create and edit a common document through their individual devices. Furthermore, documents can be shared and saved by all team participants
Annotate, edit or highlight the current presentation via touch enabled displays. In fact, the entire team can mind map or brainstorm by using their own keyboard and mouse


Up to four presenters can wirelessly display to the common display at the same time. This gives for a greater scope of lesson planning and teaching tools at your disposal.
An invaluable resource for teachers to record their presentations in real time for remote learning, teacher training and absentee students
Multiple users can participate in a whiteboard session by using their own computers as the whiteboard and projecting to a central display
Who knows who’s listening in? An encrypted (1024 bit key) presentation between presenter and display screen means your files (and computer) are protected from unwanted snooping
Interact with your participants by gathering their feedback via simple Q&As, polls, votes or games
Control multiple displays from a central location through a web browser