Wall Controller Systems

Datapath supply video wall controller systems that are capable of integrating many types of video and data sources onto any display configuration. Datapath offers complete solutions, sub systems and components for any wall controller needs. Our video wall controllers are used in variety of different areas such as traffic control centres, telecom operations facilities, utility companies, security applications and in entertainment settings. We provide highly expandable and flexible solutions for video wall and multi screen solutions, using Datapath’s latest generation of video capture cards and graphics cards. Wall Control-red video wall software is a Datapath Windows application enabling easy configuration and set up of your video wall controller.

VSN 1100 Range

The VSN1100 range from Datapath is a video wall controller capable of managing multiple video inputs and graphical outputs in order to drive large video wall installations. Suitable for a range of markets from security facilities to command and control rooms the VSN1100provides a high performance, scalable solution in complex video environments.
Fully compatible with Datapath’s portfolio of Vision capture and Image graphics cards, the VSN1100 has been designed, developed and optimized to provide Ultra High Definition video capture, control and display of a variety of sources including HDCP content which can be displayed across the entire video wall.

VSN 900 Range

Datapath’s VSN900 is a powerful video wall controller, capable of delivering Ultra High Definition video across large, multi-screen display installations. For use in a host of environments, from CCTV security suites to sports stadia, and from military installations to utility management centers the VSN900 has been tested to ensure the highest levels of performance in almost any location.
Fully compatible with Datapath’s world leading portfolio of PCI Express video capture and graphics cards that offer Ultra High Definition video for storage and display, including the ability to capture HDCP sources without any display restrictions

VSN 800 Range

For medium size systems, the VSN800 wall controller has dependable performance supporting a large number of displays
With Datapath’s advanced graphics display technology, the VSN800 offers full flexibility in display types and orientation, video management, input and output configurations.
The VSN800 features an Intel Core i7 processor providing increased capability for system data video processing. The 19” industrial PC chassis has been designed for display controller applications specifically in mind and offers a compact extensible design, yet with excellent airflow management, making it easy to install and manage in difficult physical environments.

VSN 400 Range

The Datapath VSN400 range is a video wall controller that has been designed for installations that require a balanced number of video captures and outputs. This wall controller offers 4 x PCIe Gen 3 slots for use with a number of capture and graphics cards.
The VSN400 range has been developed and optimised to operate with the latest generation of world leading Datapath PCI Express graphics and video capture cards providing flexible solutions throughout the professional AV industry.