Video Wall and AV Network Management

VuWall simplified video wall and AV network management. VuWall solutions are design to be easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to maintain. The modular and open architecture makes it easy to scale installations as on-site requirements evolve.

Video wall controllers for control rooms

Situational awareness in a control room is all about being able to display the relevant combination of information in the right place at the right time: on the video wall, on the operators’ desktop, in a crisis room, a security monitoring environment or traffic surveillance. It is also critical to be able to interact with multiple sources in various formats. VuWall solutions bring the power and ease of use to enable video wall operators to focus on their mission and not on the technology.

AV Network Management

AV networks consist of many connected devices that need to be deployed and operated within multiple rooms, floors or buildings. VuWall’s TRx handles the complexity of such installations by offering the easiest and most intuitive ‘’drag and drop’’ user interface. Future proof installations are guaranteed thanks to the multi-platform compatibility of TRx.

Presentation and Collaboration System

VuWall’s wireless CoScape solution allows presenters to focus on their content and not worry about how it’s displayed. CoScape features auto-detection and manual or automated window arrangement on a simple projection screen or on a multi-display video wall.