Retractable Displays

Sleek monitor designs that slide into the table with elegance & grace.


CONVERS ONE is the most versatile, professional vertically retractable monitor from ELEMENT ONE – and it is a gem of German engineering. All that remains is when the monitor, which is milled from the full material, disappears in nothingness, is a flat table surface. With a small push on a button, the coated alu-monitor moves out of the closed aluminum housing located under the table surface. With the (optional) tilt version, it automatically tends to the preset angle. Available up to 24″ monitor size.


CONVERS FLEX by Element One is a vertically retractable monitor solution, designed for installation in boardroom & conference rooms. Available in 15.6″, 17.3″ & 21.5″ sizes and also as a double sided device.


8mm Aluminum Design and fully retractable. The new svelte & beautiful CONVERS line


The CONVERS DOUBLE is unique – and it is and remains the Original. ELEMENT ONE invented the idea of two back-to-back Monitors in one super-slim housing and made them fully retractable. With a single touch the display panel elevates with a whisper from the housing below. Designed to encourage interaction within the meeting space it can then disappear as silently & quickly as it appeared to allow the parties’ interaction & discourse to continue un-obstructed.


HI-RES Monitor with synchronized or independent Mic Lifts