PTZ Solutions

A PTZ camera is a pan, tilt, and zoom robotic video camera controllable by a remote operator to pan horizontally, tilt vertically & diagonally, and zoom in on a subject to enhance the image quality without digital pixilation. These cameras are designed to make broadcast-quality video affordable. They allow for an easy, automated production workflow with other software technologies for recording and live streaming directly to content delivery networks like Facebook and YouTube.

PTZOptics Camera Wall Mounts

These modern PTZ camera wall mounts will exceed your expectations and deliver a reliable mounting solution you can count on.

The universal design includes an industry-standard quarter-twenty (1/4-20) camera attachment that works with most small based SONY, Panasonic, DataVideo, Vaddio, and PTZOptics cameras. The mount is available in both white and black for seamless design aesthetics. These Camera Wall Mounts are designed to mount directly to most walls or standard U.S. double-gang boxes with the supplied hardware included with each product.

PTZ Camera Cables & Power Supplies

Use our DB9 serial control cabling with PTZ controllers like the Serial Joystick. Extend the DB9 output to the first PTZ camera in your control system then daisy-chain your setup with the 8-pin, mini-din, cascade cables on the PTZ cameras “out” port for camera controls. Serial-control cabling is the ideal for super-low latency connectivity to avoid having to “home run” cabling to every camera in your system.

IP Joystick

Completely re-designed once again, with over three years of customer feedback and optimized functionality. Take control of your PTZ cameras with this low-latency IP connected joystick that now includes advanced PTZ speed controls, access to the on-screen display menu, focus lock, and much more. Watch our short setup video here to see how easy it is to use Power Over Ethernet (PoE) to power this joystick and connect it to your network. Once connected, remotely control multiple PTZ cameras using a single ethernet network connection.


Built with USB connectivity for plug and play use with multiple applications
Available in 12x and 20x zoom