Media Series

HD, Stable, Durable IP65 Front and Back Modular Integrated Design Ideal Substitution for Traditional Bulky and Heavy Outdoor LED Cabinet.


Display can recline between 0° and 30° to ensure best possible viewing angle for audience and TV cameras. AirSPORT uses a sturdy bracing system to withstand impact forces from sporting activities without interrupting the real time video being played
The AirSPORT range meets the FIFA stadium technical recommendations. It is TUV-EMC Certified.
The AirSPORT range is serviceable from the front and back allowing for easy and fast access to the LED modules,power supplies and data boxes.


The 20% transparency ratio helps to dissipate heat automatically and reduces weight, which makes it easy to install and transport. Excellent thermal design, Fanless design ensures whisper-quiet operation.
The unique mechanical design enables modules to be installed or removed in seconds from the front or the back side.The structure of the panel is designed for easy installation.


Delighting and mesmerizing it’s audiences with its vivid colours and clarity, at once magically transporting their imaginations to fantasylands. AirTOTEM is visually irresistible. Phenomenal contrast ratio of 5,000 : 1 and 16 bit processing depth help create vivid and brilliant colors. Extra wide viewing angle of 160°, with exceptional picture quality in all circumstances. With the latest wired, wireless (WIFI, 3G) technology and cluster management ensures real time monitoring, remote control, auto alarm which makes the management a pleasant and much more efficient work.