Energy-efficient and intelligent solutions in lighting

Helvar luminaire component portfolio consists of LED drivers and modules, electronic and magnetic ballasts for fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps as well as sensors. Helvar lighting systems offer lighting control and energy management solutions for commercial and architectural applications based on open systems technology. This facilitates integration with other building services. Helvar lighting solutions are scalable to almost any size of installation or application. Helvar offers energy efficiency from single luminaire solutions up to lighting systems of complete buildings. Helvar takes seriously its responsibility to support overall sustainability targets and offers solutions to support green values in lighting.

Imagine – Lighting management solutions

Imagine provides the ultimate freedom in delivering lighting control solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from energy efficient commercial lighting to state of the art architectural lighting applications.

Being flexible and scalable, Imagine is suitable from single room to large buildings. As a networked lighting management solution, utilising open standards such as DALI, Ethernet and DMX, Imagine can be integrated to building management systems.

  • Maximum freedom in lighting design
  • From room to entire building
  • Energy monitoring
  • Various user interface options
  • Lighting scenes and transitions
  • Automated control
  • Colour temperature control
  • Light over Time Graphical Profiling
  • Integration to building automation systems

DIGIDIM – Programmable solutions

As a programmable DALI lighting system, DIGIDIM offers flexibility in the design of modern lighting solutions. With a wide range of user and load interfaces, digidim allows you to tailor intelligent lighting control for many applications ranging from education to open plan offices.

  • Smart programmable area control
  • From rooms to large areas
  • Energy efficiency together with wellbeing
  • Wide range of user interfaces
  • Integration to AV system

iDim – Smart standalone room solutions

For an intelligent standalone solution, Helvar’s iDim family provides a perfect choice. With luminaire and ceiling mounted options, the iDim solutions are easy to install, with minimal or no configuration needed on site. Ideally suited for new build or refurbishment projects, iDim products offer smart energy saving features and user comfort.

  • Various smart and simple control solutions
  • Either ceiling or luminaire mounted
  • Easy installation with minimal configuration
  • Smart solutions for refurbishment

easySwitch – Simple switching solutions

Helvar easySwitch™ family products offer simple standalone solutions. They are easy to install with out-of-box functionality, making them energy efficient and cost effective solutions, ideal for basic applications such as corridors, wash rooms and small offices.

  • Simple on/off
  • Standalone
  • Mains switching
  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Low cost with fast payback