Lecture Capture Systems

Educators can now virtually teach students wherever they may be – Hong Kong, Delhi, Kansas, wherever – by streaming lectures to displays connected wirelessly to the Internet or a central server, or they may capture a live lecture to store and stream to distributed locations on demand. We wanted to aid educators by developing relevant solutions to virtualise lessons, stream them to multiple locations at the same time, and archive content so that students can access it at any time in the future. By providing virtualisation and distribution capabilities to educators, students can now learn from each other and their teachers, whether they sit together or halfway across the globe.


wowRIPPLE is a cost effective capturing and streaming solution for educational institutions, corporate sector or government – any application where there is a requirement to record, manage and deliver media content. wowRIPPLE transforms your audio and visual
aids into interactive media rich resentations which you can stream live or on demand. This affordable, unified solution is easy to use and will integrate seamlessly with your existing system.