Folding Displays

The displays that fold into the desk space making them a necessity for clogged meeting/conference room tables


The FOLD! is not only stylish – it floats! Like a robotic arm, the wafer-thin display moves forward. And when extended, it remains as an elegant tablet above the table surface. Equipped with a touch display, it can even be used like a tablet – in a comfortable operating position and at any angle for the best view. On demand a version without touch-overlay is also available.


Made precisely and easy to use. With just one hand movement, the monitor can be moved effortlessly from the rest to the operating position. When folded in, the monitor is almost invisible and integrated flush in the table.


Our VERSIS monitor has our beautiful display visible at all times. With adjustable height settings this device is perfect for videoconferencing applications & crisis rooms alike where face to face contact must be maintained whilst utilising visible information on screen. Unobtrusive technology in an elegant form.


Once installed in furniture, The MODIS virtually disappears, by virtue of its design characteristics. The unique mechanism folds flat into the table and the rear of the panel may be veneered with the matching surface material also. Glass, Corian, Leather or Veneer – the choice is yours. Control is a single press open / close or may be integrated with a Media Control System & be managed remotely via TCP/IP on the integrated Ethernet port.


Table mounted turntable housing in high grade finish to allow pivoting visuals.