Creative Series

Realise Your Unlimited Creativity, The Ace of Creative Displays for Stage, Superior Color Performance Front Serviceable.


The rugged, extremely see through design makes the AirBLADE visually appealing and architecturally aesthetic. The AirBLADE range delivers fresh and flowing colour performance with fantasy like visual effects, perfectly suited for horizontal surfaces, inclined ceilings and backdrop designs.
Extremely high transparent ratio. Easy LED Blade replacement, magnetic or screw on option.


The support frame between the panel and the height adjuster gives good stability and enhances load bearing capacity. All 4 supports are height adjustable which allows the display to adapt to uneven surfaces.
Versatile Dual Purpose Display, The AirFLOOR can also be used as a traditional vertical hanging display after removing the support frame.


AirWAVEMAG can form creative convex, concave and cylindrical shapes. Each panel can flex by 36°, convex or concave. 10 panels required to produce the smallest cylinder with radius of 0.8m. Create S-curves, Arc shapes or circles with ease. Offering the deepest black levels and phenomenal contrast ratio, delivering hi-fidelity brilliant colors and excellent grayscale levels.


The AirMAGICBOX is a cubic LED display. The individual 500mm square cubes are able to combine by joining, stacking or hanging to create interesting 3D shapes such as a Great-Wall, a Roman Pillar or even a Pyramid. Simply build your 3D cubic design and populate it with cable free magnetic LED modules, then watch your audience get dazzled in style.Each face of the cube is able to display independently allowing a variety of creative designs to be displayed. Ideally suited for retail displays, stage props and the events industry.