Command & Control Room Consoles

The command center and control room consoles and technical furniture from Winsted are attractive and ergonomic, to improve your command center operations and efficiency. Our solutions increase your control room operators’ productivity. We offer stock, customized and custom control room solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you are building a state-of-the-art command center from the ground up and looking for layout and design help, or simply need to upgrade your existing operators consoles, technology or command center furniture, we can create the ideal solution for your space.


Perfect for spaces needing affordable relief from visual clutter, our Envision command consoles bring a sleek, modular and minimalist design to your control room. Consoles are available in single-, double-, or triple-tier configuration. Each tier is capable of supporting a 7 1/2″ or 15″ high slat wall section.


Ergonomic improvements in the workplace result in greater comfort and improve the performance of operators monitoring complex systems. Impulse Dual sit/stand consoles from Winsted provide your operators with the freedom of movement to increase energy and reduce fatigue.


The gold standard for adaptable, reconfigurable control room consoles, our award-winning Sight-Line console series provides users with flexibility in any technical environment. Sight-Line consoles can accommodate the broadest range of users who need to adjust and set sight lines and viewing angles, customized to their personal needs simply and quickly.


Built on the same foundation as our award-winning Sight-Line consoles, Slat-Wall consoles offer an element of private, personal space in your control room.


Our engineers reduced the depth of the chase and work surface on our award-winning Sight-Line furniture to create a compact, space-saving command console with a smaller footprint that meets ergonomic standards.


Keep your command center operators happy, healthy and productive with Ascend Sit/Stand consoles. Ascend furniture features electric-lift legs with three programmable height settings, allowing operators to alternate between sitting and standing with the push of a button.

E-Soc Control Stations

E-Soc Control Stations are the perfect blend of the scalable, adjustable, and affordable solutions found within Winsted’s award-winning Prestige Command Consoles and our Encompass II Workstations. E-SOC features the Versa-Trak monitor mounting system for ergonomic comfort and adjustability. Lift-off access panels, integrated cable management and a hinged corner make E-SOC control stations and command consoles a flexible and feature-rich solution suitable for any control room application.