Audio Processing

Professional-grade signal processing solutions for commercial environments A flexible and scalable selection of network audio, DSP, I/O, user controls and mobile control apps.


A wide selection of power amplifiers including multi-channel and modular mainframes. Some models provide DSP and ambient noise analysis. Reliable, conservatively rated power amps for various commercial applications


The mixer amplifier’s are designed for distributed business paging and background music (BGM) systems, medium to large speech privacy systems, and in applications where music on hold (MOH) plus paging is required. It will accommodate a variety of input sources including paging microphones, media players, and digital music receivers.

Digital Signal Processors

State of the art DSP audio processors that combine easy to use software with an incredibly powerful DSP engine. BlueBridge® DSP includes a number of features that set this DSP platform apart from other companies in the DSP market. These advantages include: Open architecture, drag and drop software on all models from 2 I/O to 16 I/O. High quality THAT® Corp microphone preamps deliver outstanding sound quality. Blueprint design page allows for total system, one line layout with ability to export for print. Auto wire feature allows point to point wiring with ability to label wire. Exportable Bill of Materials including model number naming and quantity for each. Compatible with 3rd party devices using BB-SM1. Fixed 3ms latency no matter how much processing is implemented in the system design. Wall controls connect directly to existing network. BlueBridge® Control Audio Control Application for Atlas Sound BlueBridge® series DSP processors that enables your iOS device to have full control of the professional BB processors.