Analog Clocks

Sapling Inc. has been a pioneer in synchronized timekeeping systems for more than two decades. As an organization, we strive towards innovation and reliability. Sapling clocks can be found in schools, hospitals and industries throughout the country and all over the world. We feature a complete line of analog and digital clock products for systems such as Wired, IP, TalkBack and our most popular innovation, the synchronized Wireless clock system which, is based upon our patented frequency-hopping technology that has transformed the industry.

SAL(G) Wireless Clocks

Sapling’s innovative SAL(G) Series wireless clocks incorporate multi-function software as well as a microprocessor based movement. Every clock is a transceiver, meaning it both receives the signal and retransmits it to the surrounding clocks. Since every clock is a transceiver, the clocks not only can get the time from the main transmitter, but also the surrounding clocks.

SAT(G) TalkBack Clocks

Sapling’s innovative SAT(G) Series TalkBack Clocks incorporate multi-function software that allows the clocks to communicate with the SMA Series Master Clock via Sapling’s TalkBack Technology.
TalkBack Technology enables the clock to send vital information to the SMA Master Clock such as signal strength, battery life, last time the clock received communication and mechanical status of the clock, allowing facilities managers to keep track of every clock in their system.
Every clock is a transceiver, meaning it both receives the signal and retransmits it to the surrounding clocks. Sapling wireless clocks transmit a stream of data every two hours (standard) on the battery operated (2 D-cells) model and every minute on the 24V, 115V and 230V (international only). These clocks include automatic calibration, as well as enhanced diagnostics.

SAP IP Clocks

Sapling’s new SAP Series IP analog clocks are one of the most technologically advanced clocks in the industry. The clock runs on the Power Over Ethernet (802.3af) protocol. The PoE clock receives its power and data from a standard CAT5 patch cable via a PoE injector or switch.
Each clock has an internal web browser that contains the clock’s settings and is configurable by the user. By simply using a web-based application, the entire system can be managed, enabling administration to view and/or change existing configuration. The clocks receive its time from a (S)NTP time server for accurate timekeeping, thus eliminating the need for a master clock. The SAP Series is available is 12” and 16” versions.

SAM (2-Wire and Sync-Wire) Clocks

Sapling’s SAM Series analog clock is the most flexible analog clock in the field today. Its fully plug and play functionality makes installation effortless. Boasting a flexible software set, the SAM Series is capable of adhering to a multitude of protocols in the clock field. Among these protocols are 59 and 58 minute correction, National Time/Rauland correction and Sapling’s own 2 wire digital communication (24 volt only) which allows correction of the clock every second, preventing deviation. These clocks are offered in 12” and 16” sizes and can be ordered in 24V, 115V and 230V (international only).

SAI Independent Clocks

The SAI Quartz Series clocks are the ideal solution for an affordable and stylish analog clock. This series can be customized to your taste with case colors ranging from orange to purple, and everything in-between. Dials range from our standard 12 or 24 hour versions to sleek new designs that we have developed. SAI clocks are available either as a single or double mount housing. These clocks work on a single “AA” battery making them efficient and inexpensive to maintain.