Hi-Definition Series

Unsurpassed Colour Uniformity and Colour Fidelity Superior Colour and Grayscale Performance Widest Viewing Angle.


The AirMAGLITE range is Ultra-Light, ranging from 15.2 Kg to 17.5Kg per 500mm x 1000mm panel. The precision machined high quality die-cast aluminium-magnesium alloy chassis provides efficient heat dissipation and ensures complete panel flatness. The AirMAGLITE is fan-less, noise free and energy efficient.


Using CreateLED’S unique colour uniformity process and proprietary RGB wavelength’s, the AirMAG range produces incredibly vivid colours.
The AirMAG range offers the deepest black and phenomenal contrast ratio’s, thus delivering excellent grayscale levels and high fidelity brilliant colours.


The AirULTRA range offers high colour fidelity, best colour uniformity, wide viewing angles and a phenomenal contrast ratio, resulting in a great viewing experience from all directions. 20% lighter and 30% slimmer than traditional LED cabinets, The AirULTRA is convenient to handle, saving you money on transport and labour.