AtlasIED Training at Mindstec, UAE

Mindstec conducted Atlas IED training on the 10th and 11th April at the CONRAD, Dubai. Our consultants, integrators, partners & project contractors from all across the Middle East attended the sales design training for the complete range of Audio solutions provided by AtlasIED.

The AtlasIED International Sales Managers, Steve Youngson & Dean Standing flew down from Arizona, USA for this training. The two day training included complete range of AtlasIED solutions such as IED Globalcom Systems & its core components such as GCK System, management center, flight announcement system, Azan Scheduler, to name a few.

Thanks to our UAE sales team to make this event successful by inviting prospective partners!

Hope this leads to brilliant business opportunities in the near future.

In addition, a Cheer to the AtlasIED product Manager, Cristo. Without him, this event would not be possible.